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Dr Paul Lam with Tai Chi for Arthritis Master Trainers and instructors 2015

NB: The Tai Chi for Arthritis Program is the same as The Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention Program which was recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and is evidenced based. Both programs have exactly the same movements and incorporate tai chi principles for improving health and wellness, as well as having been proved effective for fall prevention. The former has slightly more emphasis on arthritis while the latter has more on fall prevention.

Dr Lam with Beverly instructor of the Tai Chi for Arthritis Programs

Dr Lam with Beverly Murphy, instructor of the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program

In 1997, Dr Paul Lam led a team of tai chi and medical specialists to create this program. It is easy, enjoyable and safe for people with arthritis to learn. Medical studies have shown the program relieves pain for people with arthritis and improves their quality of life, as well as preventing falls for older adults.  For this reason, arthritis foundations, health departments around the world and the CDC are giving it their full support.

Although especially effective for arthritis, it is a great start for beginners to improve health and wellness >> more

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